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Current Improvements

EZcomeEZgo (TM)

Telephone System

Data Warehouse and Information System

Eligible Contractors

Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via


As the gatekeepers to one of the most exclusive communities in the Northern Hemisphere, SIBTA strives to maintain and improve all aspects of its physical plant and support services. 

EZcomeEZgo (TM)

The Greenport Toll Facility will be getting a well-deserved facelift and new amenities for our employees: a modern cafeteria, and a secured parking area. New EZcomeEZgo (TM) lanes will be added to speed traffic flow.

Telecommunication System Overhaul

A new telephone, radio, and toll-enforcement monitoring system is being installed by Dial Tone Search & Rescue, Shelter Island's only licensed telecommunications contractor. 631-749-0100 ext.2

Fleet Vehicle Provisioning, Maintenance, & Recovery

The SIBTA maintains a list of qualified automotive providers. This year we are happy to announce that this lucrative contract was awarded to one of Greenport's outstanding corporations: Flying Cow Industries, the parent company to Flying Cow Transportation, Flying Cow Towing and Flying Cow Alternate Propulsion Laboratories. 631-477-3600

Data Warehousing and Information Systems Upgrade

A new data warehouse network integrating revenue collection, traffic analysis, and general accounting, is being installed by Charmed Solutions. Charmed Solutions is a Shelter Island small business and may be found at

Are You An Eligible Contractor?

If your local company needs work, please let us know what you can do for us. Call or fax your proposals to the numbers on the CONTACT page.

Only licensed and insured contractors familiar with government bidding procedures need apply. All contractual employees must pass a security screen and be legal residents of the USA or its possessions

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200 Bridge Street
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